5 Key Signs Your Car Needs New Tires

5 Key Signs Your Car Needs New Tires in Ocala, FL | Parker's Tire & Auto Service
Nothing can ruin a morning commute or weekend drive faster than realizing your car needs new tires — the vibration, noise, and risk of an accident become greater with worn tires. Driving on balding tires is never fun and could even leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Here are 5 signs that indicate it's time for a new set of rubber:

1. Bulges and Blisters on the Tire

Bulges and blisters on tires are an indication that the tire requires replacement. These bulges result from wear and tear on the inside of the tire, and they can deform or cut through its casing. Blisters may appear when air infiltrates the internal layers of a tire due to damage caused by road debris, like nails or broken glass.

2. Vibration

Unusual vibration while driving is one of the most common signs that your car may need new tires. When a tire has lost its tread, it begins to vibrate when it hits the uneven surfaces on the road. You should inspect your tires for signs of uneven wear or defects by looking closely at their treads and sidewalls.

3. Tread Wear

Tread depth to check for wear should be at least 6/32 of an inch deep over the entire tread surface and even across all of the tires. Uneven tire wear can also indicate issues with alignment or inflation pressure. Check regularly for any abnormalities in tread depth across all four tires.

4. Cracks in the Sidewall

The sidewalls of your tires are an important part of their overall structure. Cracks indicate increased vulnerability to punctures and other damages leading to blowouts or sudden deflation when driving. To inspect cracks in the sidewall, take a close look at each tire and look for any lines running across the rubber surface.

5. Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure indicates that you're running on underinflated tires which puts excessive strain on them, reduces their traction and fuel efficiency, and prematurely wears them down. To maintain an optimal range of tire pressure, use a reliable gauge to check it regularly.

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Don't compromise on safety and performance. If you notice any of these signs, it's time to replace your tires. Visit Parker's Tire & Auto Service for expert assistance and get back on the road with confidence. And if you need better tips to take care of your car tires, check out our blog that we posted back in June/Tire Safety Month.



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